Whale Watching

The Gulf Chiriquí in Panama is one of the only places in the world where the northern and southern hemisphere Humpback Whales migrate to breed and birth their calves. They travel to Panama in search of warm water so their calves can survive

Watch these almighty hulks breach from the water, as they teach their calves to swim before they continue their migration. Spot pods of friendly and inquisitive dolphins frolic and play.

Whale Watching Season

Here’s your chance to get up close to the majestic giants of the sea! Cala Mia Offers a 95% success rate to see a whale between July 15 -October 1.

Make sure you have your camera ready to capture this amazing experience.  The show is spectacular with a lot of surface activity. They push and shove one another, jump and flap their tails. 

Cala Mia runs daily tours to see these precious species which includes a beach stop over and refreshments.

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