Isla Boca Brava Hiking Tours

Isla Boca Brava is an island of approximately  9300 acres, home to Cala Mia Island Resort. You can get to this island from Boca Chica, Panama.  The island consists of a mix of mangroves, indigenous forests, pasture lands, and beaches containing a variety of exotic flora and fauna. 

Immersing into nature has many benefits for your health. Studies have proved some of the benefits are lowering the body pressure and stress hormone levels, it also reduces the nervous system arousal, enhances the immune system, increases self-esteem and reduces anxiety.

Endless hiking trails

Isla Boca Brava across from Boca Chica, Panama has endless trails and offer all sorts of difficulty, from easy to moderate. You will find plenty of opportunities to explore the island and see the howler monkeys, sloths, porcupines, butterflies and the wide variety of wildlife that live in the vegetation.

If you are in the mood for a relaxing walk there are many easy trails to follow. These will allow you to enjoy the immersing into nature experience that you are looking for. Hiking in Panama is an unbeatably spectacular experience. 

The lookout hike

This Isla Boca Brava short hiking tour is 45 minutes long, depending on which direction you choose to follow. To get to the lookout there are two ways, the hardest but fastest one is climbing through a steep hill. There is also an easiest and longer path that will also lead you towards the lookout from which you will have an incredible view of the blue waters of the Gulf of Chiriquí, tropical islands and indigenous forests.

Island hike

The Isla Boca Brava hike is a longer adventure. Depending on your pace, it could be a 3 hour long hike and it takes you through a large part of the island and you end up across from Boca Chica, Panama. To explore such a rarely visited diverse ecosystem is truly a unique experience. There are plenty of chances to encounter monkeys, birds, and colorful flora. After you are done, a boat will pick you up in Boca Chica and return you to the resort. If you are looking to hike in Boca Chica Panama, Cala Mia on Isla Boca Brava is a great