Boquete Day Tours

 Boquete is situated at the foothills of Baru Volcano, the country’s highest peak. This charming mountain town is surrounded by untouched tropical cloud forests. Boquete is known for its coffee and the mountain activities. 

Cala Mia has an office in Plaza Los Senderos, downtown Boquete and runs local tours from there.

Coffee Tours

Learn the coffee culture in a exciting way and understand the processes of this legendary aromatic drink.

The day tour includes:

  • Learning about the history, origin, qualities and secrets of coffee handling.
  • Learning how coffee production occurs all the way from ripe coffee cherry to the roasted bean.
  • Learning at the tasting table where the long, intense and complex coffee process ends.

 After the tour your morning cup of coffee will take on a new meaning !

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Cloud Forest Tours

This amazing hike goes into remote virgin cloud forest surrounding the perimeter of Volcan Baru National Park. You hike the Pipeline Trail or The Lost Waterfalls Trail.

The Pipeline Trail which is the best maintained, with old growth trees and the best chance for spotting rare species such as the Resplendent Quetzal, sloths, and monkeys. With more than 220 bird species native to the area, including the elusive Resplendent Quetzal, birding opportunities abound.

The Lost Waterfalls Trail parallels Quebrada La Mina, a gorgeous creek that meanders through the ridges and valleys above Boquete, creating spectacular waterfalls and eventually spilling into Rio Caldera.

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Panama is a country world renowned for its rivers of rare and remote beauty.

The top rated operator is only 1 hr from the Resort. The rivers vary in difficulty, providing white water adventures for every rafter, beginner to most advanced. The tour provides everything including meals, equipment, transportation, guides and safety personnel. We guarantee an unforgettable day trip.

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Zipline & River Tour

Glide through the canopy of the cloud forests, high above pristine rivers and waterfalls. The 4.5 kilometers zipline is divided into 12 different zip line stages.

The river tour will take you to Cangilones River where you can do some solo climbing, jumping or  practise your balance on a slackline. After lunch you head to a hidden river with a beautiful waterfall where you can swing on a rope or practise cliff jumps from 25’ or 60’.

The tour finishes at a Hot spring, where you will relax after all the adventures.

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