The Best Fishing in Panama’s Gulf of Chiriquí

Panama’s Gulf of Chiriquí is one of the best saltwater sport fishing locations in all the world’s oceans. Discover a remote tropical escape that is home to more than 20 open sea and inshore game species of exotic fish. Gulf of Chiriquí fishing is unique for a multitude of reasons. The underwater geography is incredibly varied and dramatic, resulting in unique currents and pinnacle structures that help to retain the nutrient-rich waters of the Humboldt Current. This unique geographic location can support an abundance of microorganisms, which in turn creates a diverse food chain that ascends all the way up to the largest predatory marine life in any ocean. This, coupled with the fact that there are no heavy fishing operations in this area due to the region’s status as a marine reserve, makes the area prime for recreational and sustainable fishing trips.

Best Fishing in Panama

Isla Paridas

Isla Paridas is the closest collection of islands to Cala Mia—only four nautical miles away from Boca Brava. We regularly encounter dolphins, sea turtles, and frequently catch an assorted array of species such as amberjacks, cero mackerel, wahoo, barracuda, and the roosterfish.

Isla Landrones

Isla Landrones translates to “Thieves’ Island” and greets you with looming green mountains that resemble a lion on its perch. Aside from being a prime location for scuba diving, the fishing here is fertile and delivers ample opportunities to catch cubera snappers, roosterfish, and multiple types of jacks and tuna.

Islas Secas

Isla Secas is an archipelago frozen in time, offering incredible views and abundant chances to see white-tip sharks, manta rays, whales, and sea turtles. There is plenty here to catch such as rainbow runners, wahoo, barracuda, marlin, and more.

Coiba National Park

The Coiba Marine Reserve encompasses most of the Gulf of Chiriquí’s island structures and continental shelf. In 2005, UNESCO identified the reserve as a World Heritage Site due to its unique geographic properties, rich and well-preserved resources, and spectacular beauty. The main island is home to an infamous penal colony, which closed in 2004; the jungle is slowly reclaiming the location. The rumors of the horrors that took place at the prison had the unanticipated effect. It resulted in the preservation of about 80% of the forests and wildlife on the island and its surrounding waters, resulting in a truly authentic haven.