Learn Panama's Fishing Seasons

Panama Fishing Seasons in the Gulf of Chiriquí delivers year around action and some of the best tuna fishing and big game sport fishing in the world. Suitable for amateurs and professionals alike, Cala Mia Island Resort will give you access to one of the world’s top big sport fishing destinations. Catch your “fish of a lifetime” in these waters— numerous IGFA World Records have been set here! The mostly calm sea is always ready to welcome you back or give you an unforgettable first-time tuna fishing experience. Book a fishing package at Cala Mia and experience the wonders of Panamanian nature while satisfying even the loftiest of fishing ambitions. The Panama fishing seasons calendar below shows the diverse array of species that await your journey during any month of the year. 

Calendar By the Month


One of the most prolific months for fishing, the water offers 100-250-pound yellowfin tuna, 100+ pound sailfish, 50-60-pound dorado, as well as black marlin and blue marlin.


January and February are known as the “Panama Summer,” with many of the same fish found in January. This month also offers striped marlin when fishing offshore.


One of the best months to catch massive yellowfin tuna, March also offers a prolific amount of black marlin, blue marlin and often striped marlin. For those seeking inshore fishing, big roosterfish, and cubera snappers are most abundant at this time of year.


April is a month of transition, meaning that the waters are rich for all types of fishing. Those seeking an inshore experience will pull roosterfish, cubera snappers, and a variety of other exotic game. Yellowfin tuna are still prolific this time of year.


This is the month when sailfish fill the seas because of increased southern winds which provide the water with generous amounts of baitfish. Successful fishing techniques include trolled live baits as well as topwater poppers/plugs.


This is the beginning of the season for roosterfish, which often weigh over 70 pounds. Sailfish are still abundant in the water as well as black marlin, blue marlin, and striped marlin.


For those seeking a variety of fish, this is one of the best months for it; black marlin, blue marlin, sailfish, and dorado are all in the water. Fishermen seeking to catch big roosterfish and Cubera snapper will be able to find them while inshore fishing.


Occasional showers on the water keep this month cool and comfortable for fishing. There are black marlin, blue marlin, and sailfish as well as other billfish.


This is the best month for wahoo fishing, with light occasional showers which last less than an hour. Blue and black marlin are still in abundance in the water.


While there are still showers, this is the heart of the “green season” with the rain benefits beginning to manifest. The water has ample monster black and blue marlin.


Usually signifying the end of the raining season, this is one of the best months for inshore roosterfish and Cubera snappers. Waiting in the water are black and blue marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, and 40-60-pound dorado.


Most species are in copious supply during this month; including black marlin, blue marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, roosterfish, cubera snappers and dorado.

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