Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Can I take my dog? I read that you are pet friendly
A. We are very pet friendly, the Island pets include a big male labrador “Draco” and german pointer female “Amber” and a male pointer retriever “Winfield”. If you don’t enjoy dogs then Cala Mia is probably not for you. We welcome guests to bring their pets, however only one per reservation.

Q. Do I have to get there by boat?
A. Yes, we have a ferry schedule to follow but we can accommodate to your needs. Ferry schedule to check in: 11 am and 4 pm, ferry schedule to check out: 10:30 am. If you are in schedule and you are staying less than 3 nights your boat transfer is 20.00 per way, per room (not per person). If you are in the ferry schedule and are staying 3 nights or more, your boat transfer is complimentary. Every transfer out of schedule has a 30.00 usd fee. 

Q. Do you have a refrigerator in the bungalows?
A. No, we need to conserve energy. But if you wish to order something to drink, we will be happy to accommodate you with one cooler and your cold beverages. No beverages are allowed in, just let us know what are your preferences and we will have everything you need.

Q. Can I transport my car on the ferry?
A. You should leave your car parked in Boca Chica town, its a third party that lives in town and provides the service for 2.00 usd per night. 

Q. Can I bring my own food and beverages?
A. Bringing own food and beverage is strictly prohibited. If you do bring something with you, we will keep it safe and return it when you depart.

Q. Do I have to bring cash?
A. We have a POS machine, you charge everything to your room and can pay your final bill with credit card or clave (we do not use AMEX).

Q. Can I pay my room when I check in?
A. To guarantee your accommodation you have to pay 10% at the moment you make the reservation and the balance due to 30 days within your arrival. If you book within a few days prior to your arrival, you have to pay 100% of your invoice.

Q. Do you have allergy medicines?
A. In our gift shop we can provide you with souveniers and basic necessities, if you are allergic we highly suggest you bring you come prepared.

Q. Can I bring my kid?
A. Of course! Our luxury boutique resort is for everyone to enjoy! Many young couples bring their babies and many families visit us to celebrate special occasions as well.

Q. What kind of Activities do you offer?
A. You can read all about our Tours & Activities here, or download our Activity Book as a pdf here.

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