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0 Stars - Based on User Reviews

  • ASinHH Avatar

    5 star rating Einfach traumhaft Zusammenfassend kann man sagen, dass es wohl einer unserer schönsten Urlaube überhaupt war!!!
    Schon die Anreise vom Flughafen David war sehr...
    read more

    ASinHH 4/24/2020
  • B W Avatar

    5 star rating Cal Mia Qualifier:

    My buddy and I were are the resort mainly for fishing so I cannot give any feedback on any adventure...
    read more

    B W 4/18/2020
  • Penar-Group Avatar

    5 star rating Best Lodge ever You are always a little nervous taking a large group (24 guys) to a lodge your haven't been to. ... read more

    Penar-Group 4/08/2020
  • TucannonCellars Avatar

    5 star rating Perfect and professional. This place takes care of all little things, staff is wonderful, food is excellent and the bartender is from outer... read more

    TucannonCellars 4/03/2020
  • P5808VIvictorial Avatar

    5 star rating Undiscovered Gem My boyfriend and I stayed at Cala Mia for 4 nights February 2020 .We could not have been more pleasantly... read more

    P5808VIvictorial 3/22/2020
  • I5280VHmichaelj Avatar

    5 star rating Great trip with my sons The resort was exceptionally well maintained. Felt like a cruise on the concierge level from the time we were... read more

    I5280VHmichaelj 3/19/2020
  • Vacationer184732 Avatar

    5 star rating Amazing place with an amazing staff My fiancé and I stayed here recently and can’t speak highly enough about our experience. The hotel is gorgeous, the... read more

    Vacationer184732 3/17/2020
  • Judith B Avatar

    5 star rating GET HERE NOW!!! hard to find germs in paradise okay this is the first 24 hours at Cala Mia--and yes we did have to take two planes to get... read more

    Judith B 3/14/2020
  • Flonder Avatar

    5 star rating Fishing trip Cabins we stayed in were very clean and modern,,no bugs, A C worked real good.

    Food was first class. ...
    read more

    Flonder 3/14/2020
  • Ben H Avatar

    5 star rating Panama Nautical Club Amazing fishing, accommodations. The staff went above and beyond at all times to make this a once in a life... read more

    Ben H 3/08/2020
  • CristinaG482 Avatar

    5 star rating A corner of Paradise Cala Mia has been an amazing experience, we loved every minute we spent there!
    The resort is in a secluded island...
    read more

    CristinaG482 2/09/2020
  • Hadwen Avatar

    5 star rating Secret oasis My wife and I had a short and fulfilling 4 night visit for my 50th birthday. I caught my... read more

    Hadwen 2/04/2020
  • BeachbumsHavingFun Avatar

    5 star rating A total gem!! We spent 10 days at the resort and enjoyed the whole time. Staff very accommodating, friendly and made a sincere... read more

    BeachbumsHavingFun 2/02/2020
  • dg1729 Avatar

    5 star rating Beautiful Place Stayed here three nights last weekend. We had a very charming bungalow, one of total of eight or so....... read more

    dg1729 1/23/2020
  • Alain M Avatar

    5 star rating AMAZZZZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We stayed a couple of days last week, under a friend's recommendation. All I can say is wow! This place... read more

    Alain M 1/18/2020
  • zhayes01 Avatar

    5 star rating Phenomenal Experience My son and I had a phenomenal time here!

    Found it online and didn't know what to expect, so...
    read more

    zhayes01 1/17/2020
  • HollyMM1988 Avatar

    5 star rating Dreamy honeymoon at Cala Mia We arrived at Cala Mia around 11:30am by boat taxi from Boca Chica and were greeted by the lovely Mitsy... read more

    HollyMM1988 1/09/2020
  • mwh18 Avatar

    5 star rating Undiscovered oasis. Visit before it gets discovered!! I hesitate to write this review for fear it will be harder to return to this fantastic hotel and area.... read more

    mwh18 1/06/2020
  • hlthatcher Avatar

    5 star rating Truly Wonderful, Amazing, Stupendous Resort This is the place to relax or go on an adventure. The food is fabulous, the staff is the very... read more

    hlthatcher 1/03/2020
  • cal907 Avatar

    5 star rating Perfect experience! My husband and I stayed at Cala Mia as part of our honeymoon in December 2019. We could not have... read more

    cal907 12/29/2019
  • D3160TNkathleens Avatar

    5 star rating Beautiful Setting Super relaxing. I started every day with sunrise yoga. Our room had a private patio with a covered... read more

    D3160TNkathleens 12/26/2019
  • Margaret R Avatar

    5 star rating Fabulous resort We stayed for 5 nights in the king bungalows with private terraces that were so private you could lounge naked... read more

    Margaret R 12/22/2019
  • 731caseym Avatar

    5 star rating Planning my next trip back!!! I went with a group of friends as well as my soon to be father-in-law. It exceeded my expectations in... read more

    731caseym 12/20/2019
  • steve k Avatar

    5 star rating fantasy island It is just sheer beauty, super accommodations, first class attention, delicious gourmet cuisine, the best fishing in the world and... read more

    steve k 11/18/2019
  • Exploration567271 Avatar

    5 star rating Over the top Great spot and vacation I cannot say enough about this super-fun-adventure-fishing-yoga-waterski spot. "Fede" with the Scuba/ the top tier boats and fisherman /... read more

    Exploration567271 11/09/2019
  • 7jesseq Avatar

    5 star rating Amazing vacation! Cala Mia was one of the most incredible vacation spots I've ever been to. The location was amazing, many different... read more

    7jesseq 11/03/2019
  • Denise Lemos Z Avatar

    5 star rating Fabulous experience!! Cala Mia was absolutely awesome! From the moment that we stepped on the island, we fell in love with this... read more

    Denise Lemos Z 11/03/2019
  • Erika C Avatar

    5 star rating Awesome Resort Cala Mia Resort has a very good Staff friendly and helpful. We stayed for 3 night and enjoyed our time... read more

    Erika C 10/24/2019
  • kira l Avatar

    5 star rating El retiro perfecto Este lugar es espectacular, desde que llegas a la isla cuidan todos los detalles y cuando digo TODOS son toooodos!.... read more

    kira l 10/15/2019
  • mariaucv Avatar

    5 star rating An amazing experience!!! Cala Mia is a paradise, if you need a relaxing place to rest and disconnect, you found it.

    The staff...
    read more

    mariaucv 10/03/2019
  • MaricarmenVasquez Avatar

    5 star rating Simply Amazing! Cala Mia delivered and exceeded all expectations! The location is beautiful, the natural setting is amazing, but what... read more

    MaricarmenVasquez 9/30/2019
  • Peter K Avatar

    5 star rating True bespoke is rare! So we have lived in the Chiriqui region for two years up here in Jaramillo above Boquete and we love... read more

    Peter K 9/26/2019
  • Jazzzyjaz Avatar

    5 star rating Yoga retreat + gorgeous Island + Cala Mia = PEACE! Thank you OLA Women’s Tours for the trip of a lifetime to Panama! You made this so magical and effortless... read more

    Jazzzyjaz 9/16/2019
  • MohammadameeeeeN Avatar

    5 star rating Great stay, amazing view, great staff, best food I wanted to thank you for making our honeymoon experience a memorable one. 5 Stars.

    I wanted to make sure the...
    read more

    MohammadameeeeeN 9/03/2019
  • igorfuertes Avatar

    5 star rating Excelente lugar para relajarse y desconectar Ubicación perfecta en un maravilloso resort. Increíbles vistas y alojamientos tipo bungalow con todos los detalles muy cuidados y diseño... read more

    igorfuertes 8/26/2019
  • peter s Avatar

    5 star rating You WILL relax My wife & twelve yro daughter stayed for four & 1/2 days, & found the experience relaxing & enjoyable to... read more

    peter s 8/20/2019
  • dorae2017 Avatar

    5 star rating Un hermoso lugar Es un lugar hermoso. El sonido constante de las olas del mar te envuelven en una atmósfera de... read more

    dorae2017 8/15/2019
  • Thamara M Avatar

    5 star rating Love, caring, beautiful place in the middle of the sea. I visit this place two years ago and fell in love with the surroundings and people but this time was... read more

    Thamara M 8/13/2019
  • islareeds Avatar

    5 star rating Fishing Trip My son and I stayed 5 nights at the Cala Mia Island Resort (fantastic) and fished with the Panama Nautical... read more

    islareeds 8/07/2019
  • Lucas F Avatar

    5 star rating Unique location, amazing diving / vacation in paradise! The location is fabulous and the activities you can do are awesome!
    We had great diving and snorkeling experiences - very...
    read more

    Lucas F 8/05/2019
  • nlipperer1 Avatar

    5 star rating Perfect Vacation The people at Cala Mia are among the friendliest I have encountered. The resort is located in a very... read more

    nlipperer1 7/24/2019
  • Tempsickk1 Avatar

    5 star rating Cala Mia: Island Paradise Location: Isolated on a near deserted island, Cala Mia is a unique paradise. Even though you cannot get anywhere yourself,... read more

    Tempsickk1 7/15/2019
  • TraceyOKC Avatar

    5 star rating Cala Mia ROCKS!! This place is unbelievable! Not only is it absolutely beautiful, but the service is incredible as well. I... read more

    TraceyOKC 7/11/2019
  • Matt K Avatar

    5 star rating UNREAL EXPERIENCE!!!!! Trip of a lifetime!!! To say this place is special is such an understatement!! I decided to visit for my 40th birthday in... read more

    Matt K 6/28/2019
  • hmckinzie117 Avatar

    5 star rating Mckinzie family My family and I have traveled all over panama for the past several years and Cala Mia Resort is our... read more

    hmckinzie117 6/19/2019
  • Andre M Avatar

    5 star rating Great trip! Me and my partner where in Panama for a business trip,we had a off day and decided to work in... read more

    Andre M 6/17/2019
  • perryu2015 Avatar

    5 star rating Absolute Paradise! Do not Miss! The Cala Mia Resort was the highlight of our amazing trip to Panama this month! We stayed at some beautiful... read more

    perryu2015 6/15/2019
  • NWKite Avatar

    5 star rating Trip of a lifetime This place is even better than the pictures and the fishing is even better than the legends. From the time... read more

    NWKite 5/29/2019
  • pj4806 Avatar

    5 star rating Panama with Veterans Been fishing for 30 years, this was one of the best trips ever. Had the pleasure of fishing with three... read more

    pj4806 5/20/2019
  • Tmrdcm Avatar

    5 star rating Un lugar perfecto para descansar y desconectar Realmente me ha sorprendido encontrar un hotel de estas características en el golfo de Chiriquí. Las instalaciones son preciosas, los... read more

    Tmrdcm 5/16/2019
  • mirethy Avatar

    5 star rating Paradise ... What a beautiful place! You feel so connected with nature and you still have all the luxuries that you can... read more

    mirethy 5/03/2019
  • jcknightma Avatar

    5 star rating Tropical paradise We stayed here for four nights with our 9 and 12 year old sons and loved it. All... read more

    jcknightma 4/26/2019
  • uwe01 Avatar

    5 star rating Active or relax, your choice. Fabulous place for a break. The resort is a 20 min boat ride from the dock at Boca Chica. You... read more

    uwe01 4/21/2019
  • marianar261984 Avatar

    5 star rating Naturaleza al máximo. Nos encantó! Desde que llega el bote a recogerte sientes un trato especial. Todos fueron súper atentos y amables. Fui con mi... read more

    marianar261984 4/18/2019
  • Energie999 Avatar

    5 star rating Our Personal Paradise My wife and I spent 5 days in one of the private casitas overlooking the beach. Days were spent... read more

    Energie999 3/25/2019
  • Steve068 Avatar

    5 star rating Eden, with palms and island horizons Really beautiful resort -- birding, hiking, boat trips to nearby islands, plenty of other adventures...surprisingly excellent food for such a... read more

    Steve068 3/12/2019
  • paulbV3244ZJ Avatar

    5 star rating Paradise What a stunning peaceful beautiful resort
    Its the place to unwind and relax
    Lots of howler monkeys for company
    read more

    paulbV3244ZJ 3/09/2019
  • teedubbs2014 Avatar

    5 star rating Guilty Pleasure My girlfriend reminded me that I owed the Cala Mia a review after a wonderful experience the second week of... read more

    teedubbs2014 3/02/2019
  • I4370INlindad Avatar

    5 star rating Cala Mia Your New Happy Place Outstanding Resort! What does Cala Mia not have cars, TVs and lot of people. What does Cala Mia have...... read more

    I4370INlindad 2/25/2019
  • Dean D Avatar

    5 star rating The Island for Everyone Just got back from a great 6 days at Cala Mia Resort. The weather was perfect - everyday was... read more

    Dean D 2/24/2019
  • thehighlands123 Avatar

    5 star rating Heaven on Earth We had an amazing and real experience at beautiful Cala Mia. Everything about it, the accommodations, the staff, the... read more

    thehighlands123 2/21/2019
  • Lisa L Avatar

    5 star rating Laid back elegance My husband loved our stay at Cala Mia. It struck the perfect note of relaxed/casual and refined luxury. The luxury... read more

    Lisa L 2/18/2019
  • CaptainMattVI Avatar

    5 star rating A Legacy In The Making! If your idea of island hotel luxury is polished marble lobby floors and oversized flat screen TV's in your room,... read more

    CaptainMattVI 2/17/2019
  • Traveler18130065597 Avatar

    5 star rating Best Kept Secret Cala Mia and the Panama Nautical Club are two of the best kept secrets in the vacation and fishing world.... read more

    Traveler18130065597 1/30/2019
  • Jesse R Avatar

    5 star rating Great Place On Earth Really Cool Spot, Perfect Island Jungle Paradise... you're pretty much be marooned on this beautiful island,... and may kayak, stand... read more

    Jesse R 1/29/2019
  • carla138016 Avatar

    5 star rating Bellissima esperienza L'accoglienza che ci è stata riservata al nostro arrivo, la scoperta della bellezza del posto e della meravigliosa vista... read more

    carla138016 1/27/2019
  • 1Islandtime1 Avatar

    5 star rating Incredible Fishing just Fantastic David, Aura, Captain Carlos just Amazing hosts.Made us feel like old friends . Highly recommended...Wow what a great place and... read more

    1Islandtime1 1/26/2019
  • Seaside49469687367 Avatar

    5 star rating Wow! What the fantastic experience! Wow! Luxury island fishing; 2 marlins and big Tunas that I have never caught before, i caught them there. The... read more

    Seaside49469687367 1/23/2019
  • TripPlanner403 Avatar

    5 star rating Perfection in Paradise Our family only stayed three nights and we were very sad to leave. The accommodations were beautifully decorated but also... read more

    TripPlanner403 1/10/2019
  • Beverly R Avatar

    5 star rating A hidden gem Cala Mia is a hidden gem. Tucked away on isla boca brava it is a delightful place for a getaway.... read more

    Beverly R 1/08/2019
  • daglicapo Avatar

    5 star rating Paradiso nascosto Ho trascorso con la mia famiglia le vacanze di natale in questo angolo di paradiso dove tutto lo staff è... read more

    daglicapo 1/06/2019
  • alysonmandel Avatar

    5 star rating A family christmas in paradise We recently spent 5 nights at Cala Mia for the Christmas holiday 2018. All six members of my family -... read more

    alysonmandel 1/03/2019
  • Jcf1510 Avatar

    5 star rating Favourite boutique hotel in Central America Second visit to this wonderful charming hotel. Superb staff, fab rooms with amazing ocean views and excellent food. Perfect setting... read more

    Jcf1510 1/01/2019
  • JonathanDorn Avatar

    5 star rating Blissful family treat with top-notch fishing When's the last time you were lulled to sleep by the lapping of ocean waves feet from your casita and... read more

    JonathanDorn 1/01/2019
  • Expedition784311 Avatar

    5 star rating This place is amazing for those who want to disconnect and unwind. Its a must visit ! Our second visit,there are so many highlights to share about this stunning location, the gardens are lush and beautiful... read more

    Expedition784311 12/19/2018

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0 Stars - Based on User Reviews

  • Ben Holland Avatar

    Amazing fishing, accommodations. The staff went above and beyond at all times.

    Ben Holland 3/14/2020
  • Eva Cardoza Avatar

    Espectacular hotel, bello ambiente, instalaciones muy agradables. La atención de su personal impecable, amable y atenta. Lo recomiendo 100%.

    Eva Cardoza 3/08/2020
  • Clara C. Caparroso Avatar

    Bonito, relajante, limpio, comida y atención excelente

    Clara C. Caparroso 2/08/2020
  • Patricia Gonzalez Avatar

    Es un lugar idóneo para desconectar de todo y relajarte. No está masificado y hay mucho silencio, así que puedes... read more

    Patricia Gonzalez 1/08/2020
  • Claudio Fernandez Avatar


    Claudio Fernandez 1/08/2020
  • Expedia reviewer Avatar

    3 jours loin du monde dans un endroit paradisiaque et calme. Chambre spacieuse et magnifique. Le personnel est très sympathique... read more

    Expedia reviewer 11/08/2019
  • leisa aparicio Avatar

    Me encantó. El personal es muy amable y la comida deliciosa, es un sitio encantador

    leisa aparicio 9/08/2019
  • Alexander Andover Avatar

    Very nice place with very friendly staff. 1st time I have been big game fishing and loved it. Very fair... read more

    Alexander Andover 9/08/2019
  • Expedia reviewer Avatar

    El servicio y atencion fue excelente. La comida deliciosa

    Expedia reviewer 9/08/2019
  • Maria Diaz Avatar

    Playa habitaciones piscina la comida la comodidad etc

    Maria Diaz 8/08/2019
  • Brett Peach Avatar

    Even after high expectations, this was an amazing choice. The lodge is beautiful and the service was to notch. Not... read more

    Brett Peach 7/14/2019
  • Manny Bermudez Avatar

    Amazing! The food is great, the people are wonderful and the island is beautiful with lots to do. Barefoot Luxury!... read more

    Manny Bermudez 7/08/2019
  • Arianne Rodriguez Avatar

    I love this place is so beautiful 😍. The staffs are so nice and friendly special Yari so nice person... read more

    Arianne Rodriguez 7/08/2019
  • Eric Stelzel Avatar

    First class experience!

    Eric Stelzel 6/14/2019
  • Amanda Cameron Avatar

    Incredible lodging - beautiful scenery. Definitely coming back for tuna season!

    Amanda Cameron 6/14/2019
  • Ricardo How Chan Avatar

    Simply Amazing

    Ricardo How Chan 6/08/2019
  • Cassandra Pierson Avatar

    Amazing! The food is great, the people are wonderful and the island is beautiful with lots to do. Barefoot Luxury!

    Cassandra Pierson 5/08/2019
  • Virginia Oya Avatar

    Un lugar muy agradable, habitación cómoda con una bonita terraza con vista al mar. Los jardines bien cuidados. Tienen varios... read more

    Virginia Oya 5/08/2019
  • Fabrizio Cucco Avatar

    TOP! Nothing else to say.

    Fabrizio Cucco 5/08/2019
  • Bredio Velasco Avatar

    Buen sitio para descansar y disfrutar de la naturaleza

    Bredio Velasco 5/08/2019
  • Linda DeMuro Avatar

    Outstanding Resort! What does Cala Mia not have cars, TVs and lot of people. What does Cala Mia have...... read more

    Linda DeMuro 5/08/2019
  • Ana Cecilia Delgado de Saldaña Avatar

    Paradisíaco lugar. Muy recomendado. Playa espectacular buena atención buenas cabañas, buena comida

    Ana Cecilia Delgado de Saldaña 5/08/2019
  • Matt Daniel Avatar

    One of the most gracious, relaxing experiences we've ever had, wonderful service, incredibly helpful staff and a stunning location that... read more

    Matt Daniel 5/08/2019
  • Olmedo Riggs Avatar

    Excelente lugar

    Olmedo Riggs 5/08/2019
  • Hotels.com reviewer Avatar

    Wonderful from start to finish. I highly recommend

    Hotels.com reviewer 5/08/2019
  • Expedia reviewer Avatar

    Fantastic vacation. Fishing, scuba, horseback riding, hiking, beach. So many great things to do in an absolutely beautiful location.

    Expedia reviewer 5/08/2019
  • Mariella M. Avatar

    It’s always a pleasure recalling memories of the stay in Cala Mia. Empty beaches, wild untouched nature to explore, comfortable... read more

    Mariella M. 5/08/2019
  • Agustín Pérez Acosta Avatar

    Muy buen sitio, naturaleza, opciones para pesca, hospedajes magnificos.

    Agustín Pérez Acosta 5/08/2019
  • Ana Palop Alcaraz Avatar

    In one word. Paradise. Great hotel, good food and great people. We will be back.

    Ana Palop Alcaraz 5/08/2019
  • Iliana Avatar

    Fantàstico! Es un lugar donde te puedes sumergir en la naturaleza. Asombrosa isla con monos aulladores, aves increìbles y playas... read more

    Iliana 5/08/2019
  • Sabine Borowsky Avatar

    Nettes ruhiges Resort. Allerdings völlig überteuert. Man hat keine Möglichkeit als immer dort zu essen,, die Gerichte sind nichts besonderes.... read more

    Sabine Borowsky 5/08/2019
  • John larsen Avatar

    The reason that i hesitate to write this is that i have mixed feelings about letting the rest of the... read more

    John larsen 5/08/2019
  • Hotels.com reviewer Avatar

    Staff really made you feel like you were family. Food is wonderful, surroundings are spectacular. Even though you... read more

    Hotels.com reviewer 5/08/2019
  • Neonetics Neon Avatar

    What a fantastic Island Resort. Luxury on a secluded Island off of Panama. And the Fishing is Amazing... Marlin ,Sailfish,... read more

    Neonetics Neon 5/08/2019
  • Maija Kujala Avatar

    Amazing island getaway with 5 start service and smily and friendly staff! All you wish for your next holiday!

    Maija Kujala 5/08/2019
  • Tomka-Aviation Avatar

    Un endroit absolument paradisiaque où nous avons passé quelques jours de rêve. Un personnel sympathique, attentionné toujours souriant et aux... read more

    Tomka-Aviation 5/08/2019
  • Steve Kingston Avatar

    Amazing place, staff couldn't do enough for you. Horse riding through the rain forest was pretty special. Lovely couple beaches... read more

    Steve Kingston 5/08/2019
  • Fula Icaza Avatar

    Calamia es uno de esos hoteles donde tienen todos los detalles perfectos!

    Fula Icaza 5/08/2019
  • Matt Daniel Avatar

    Wonderful experience, the location is beautiful, the staff were extremely helpful, the fishing was fantastic and the food, the food... read more

    Matt Daniel 4/14/2019
  • Maria Ericsson Avatar

    Great vacation resort!! Beautiful location in the Gulf of Chiriqui, with turqoise ocean and white sand beaches. Amazing staff and... read more

    Maria Ericsson 4/14/2019
  • Iona Fregona Avatar

    Bellissimo posto, staff super efficiente pronto ad esaudire ogni tua richiesta ,ottima cucina per una vacanza veramente indimenticabile. Complimenti ... read more

    Iona Fregona 5/08/2018
  • Maria Paula Baptiste Gonzalez Avatar

    Excelente lugar. Deliciosa comida, pero lo mejor de todo es la atención.

    Maria Paula Baptiste Gonzalez 5/08/2018
  • David Myles Avatar

    Beautiful views, private ocean front villas, with private patios.

    David Myles 5/08/2018
  • Gerald Knezic Avatar

    Two nights in paradise. WOW, what a wonderful place. The best service of any resort that we have... read more

    Gerald Knezic 5/08/2018
  • lanis ramirez Avatar

    Excelente atencion paidaje excente recomiendo

    lanis ramirez 5/08/2018
  • Stacy Torres Avatar

    Lo maximo, el lugar es perfecto. Un paraiso

    Stacy Torres 5/08/2018
  • Armando LOPEZ FLORIAN Avatar

    Un lugar fascinante lejos de todo pero te sientes como en casa, el staff es muy amable y siempre estan... read more

    Armando LOPEZ FLORIAN 5/08/2018
  • arts abound Avatar

    Elegant but down to earth. Excellent staff attention to detail and personal attention. Management team super attentive.

    arts abound 5/08/2018
  • Hotels.com reviewer Avatar

    The hotel is truly amazing, if you are coming to panama it is a must stay. It is a wonderful... read more

    Hotels.com reviewer 5/08/2018
  • James Markson Avatar

    Great place.

    James Markson 5/08/2018