Eco Lodge Panama

There are different types of eco lodges and, Cala Mia Island Resort fits in as a Panama Eco resort due to its location. The all inclusive resort is located off the grid and on an amazing Island peninsula. The lodge offers recreational activities like snorkeling, SUP, kayaking, horseback riding as well as yoga classes and guided hiking.

Around the 90’s the word eco lodge was created to describe a type of lodge that is distinguished from others by the way is built. To be an eco lodge there are some things that take into place such as being located in a natural area that is not impacted by noise, smog, traffic or pollution. The lodge must be smaller than 30 rooms, it must employ interpretive nature guides that have knowledge of the habitat and, it must also contribute to the local economy.

Best Panama Eco Lodge

Our eco lodge in Panama is located on the island of Boca Brava. Isla Boca Brava is one of the islands in the Gulf of Chiriquí National Marine Park. In 1994 the park was established to preserve the ecosystem of the region. Its diverse flora and fauna makes it one of the best places to do ecotourism in Panama. The resort has achieved the status of one of the top eco lodges in Panama.

Cala Mia has made important improvements to its structure in order to minimize the impact on the natural environment. Some of the ways that are put into practice in this Panama eco resort are the conservation of energy, limiting water waste, use of eco-friendly cleaning supplies and, serving local and organic food.

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Horseback Jungle treks

One of the most popular activities to do in this eco lodge in Panama is horseback riding. While the horse is doing the walking for you, you experience your surroundings from a totally different perspective.

Experience horseback riding through the beach and jungle in one of the best eco lodges in Panama. We offer a riding adventures for all ages and riding skills, from beginner to expert. Our 2 hour Trek includes a short boat ride to the horse stables on Isla Boca Brava.  You will encounter monkeys and other exotic wildlife, getting the full experience of the native jungle of Panama and arrive back to Cala Mia horseback. Our guide navigates riders around the Island and lets you experience riding in and out of the forest. Feel the cool sea breeze and watch the pacific ocean as it gently laps on the clean sandy beaches.