Birds of Panama & Birdwatching tours

Due to the variety of species of birds of Panama, birdwatching has become very popular. In between local and migratory, approximately 969 species are found. From these species, a 107 are regional. In addition, other 100 species are from South America and cannot be found anywhere else in Central America.

Boca Brava Island in the Gulf of Chiriqui is home to over 280 species of birds. It’s possible to spot warblers, parrots, osprey frigates, flycatchers, and the lineated woodpecker while bird watching at the resort.

Birdwatching Tours

Full Day Tours

Start an early morning guided adventure around the island with your binoculars. This experience could last 2 to 3 hours or all day, depending on the your desires. You will be able to spot a lot of the coolest birds in Panama while hiking through our tropical jungle. The island is also home to some species of Panama hummingbirds.

The Chiriqui province includes the highest concentration of regional endemic species in Panama. Our Island and Highland package is available for those wishing to discover the best of Chiriqui’s biodiversity.

Frigate Bird Tour – Full Day

There are only 5 species of Frigate birds left in the world and Islas Coco is home to one of these, the Fregata magnificens rothschildi.

Only 40 minute boat ride away from the resort, you will see one of largest colonies of Frigate birds in Panama. Watch these magnificent birds’ hunting techniques as they fly over the ocean’s surface to get their preys. The tour includes optional snorkeling around the coral reefs as well as the opportunity to relax in an unspoiled island and enjoy it all by yourself.