Chiriqui Panama

In indigenous language, the word Chiriqui means ”the valley of the moon”. Chiriqui Panama is located to the west of the country.

In Chiriqui Panama you can find beaches, rivers, mountains, valleys and many islands to discover. You can enjoy the tropical weather having breakfast in front of the beach and just an hour later you could be tasting a hot cup of coffee in the chilly mountain weather of the highlands.

With an area of 6,548 km² the Chiriqui province of Panama has the most fertile soil in the country. This is why in this region you will find many agriculture farms. You can also spot the most colorful and healthy developed flowers and trees within the majestic cloud forests.

Sunrises and sunsets take a whole new meaning in this side of the country. Explore our all inclusive packages and come visit Panama soon !

Crucero al atardecer

As the sky streaks orange, head out on a sunset cruise with Cala Mia and soak up the spectacular sight of the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean. Cala Mia’s sunset boat rides are a relaxing, romantic and memorable way to welcome the evening.

Sunset Tour

Watch the sun setting over the ocean while you enjoy the company of your loved ones during a sunset boat ride in Chiriqui Panama.

Board your vessel, sip on a refreshing drink, and ponder the spectacular views of a Panamanian sunset at Cala Mia.