Central America Diving: Isla Montuosa

The Gulf’s thousands of islands are home to some of the most diverse  coral reefs for diving in Central America. Recent core drilling revealed reefs are more than 5,600 years old. These reefs provides habitat and shelter for a diverse range of marine life making exceptional Central America diving opportunities.

Isla Montuosa

Isla Montuosa is located 40 nautical miles from the Lodge and is an exceptional diving area for advanced divers. The structure has steep undersea pinnacles and gullies where you can find black marlin, sailfish, and large sharks. While diving in Isla Montuosa Panama it is possible to see species of jack and snapper, white tip sharks as well as Pacific barracuda, and species of manta ray, such as the devil, mobula, and eagle can be spotted quite frequently. We have 2 dive sites surrounding Montuosa Island, view dive details on the interactive map below or explore our Panama all-inclusive dive packages today.

Interactive Dive Map

Isla Montuosa Dive Locations:

Dive Site: Labyrinth Point, Montuosa

Labyrinth Point is boat dive located close to Isla Montuosa, travel time is 70 min from Cala Mia Island Dive Resort.

This site is protected, and the waters are shallow. There are many hard coral structures that create a form of labyrinth and provides shelter for many fishes. Maximum depth 49ft/15m, visibility is 49ft/15m and could be affected depending on the tide. The temperature is around 27-29 C/ 80-85 F. Colorful coral fishes such as Cortez Rainbow Wrasse, Dragon Wrasse, Spinster Wrasse. Also, Lobsters, different types of Rays, Morays, Snappers, Amberjack, White-tip sharks are some of the species that can be spotted on this site.

Suitable for all levels of expertise

Dive Site: Shark Point, Montuosa Dive Spot

Shark Point is boat dive located close to Isla Montuosa, travel time is 70 min from Cala Mia Island Dive Resort.

This relatively protected point is near the shore of the island, and its bottom is a mix of rocks and hard corals that form a canyon. Mostly this spot offers the visibility for a lot of sharks! Especially white-tip and bull sharks. We can find two white-tip shark nests in this spot. The maximum depth is 131ft/40m, visibility is 49ft/15m, and the temperature is around 27-29 C/ 80-85 F. Some of the species to also spot in this site are King Angelfish, Leather Bass, Blue Spotted Jack, and Morays.

Suitable for advanced divers

Isla Contreras
Isla Montuosa