Discover the Island Resorts of Panama, Gulf of Chiriquí

While Panama’s Pacific and Caribbean coasts are starting to crowd up with behemoth resorts. There is still sanctuary to be found in the  Gulf of Chiriquí, a seductive sliver of Central America. 

Golfo de Chiriquí

South of the city of David in Panama’s western province is home to thousands of pristine islands of panama and unspoiled beaches. The Marine Park was founded in 1994 to protect 14,730 hectares of extensive coral reef, and marine meadows. Another significant feature of this park is its dozens of idyllic islands carpeted in forest and lined with slender coconut palms.

All Inclusive Island Resorts

There are 3 luxury all inclusive Panama Island Resorts operating in the Gulf of Chiriqui

  • Cala Mia Island Resort
  • Isla Palenque
  • Isa Secas

Cala Mia Island Resort

Integrated into nature, Cala Mia is a romantic and intimate private resort located on  Boca Brava Island. The resort is a luxury all inclusive destination where you can enjoy an adventurous, romantic, or relaxing Island vacation.

Adventure Lover Destination

The leading Island resort in Panama where you can feel at home in our beautiful well appointed tropical casitas & villas. They are freestanding, air-conditioned, and have unique outdoor terraces complete with swinging hammocks and lush landscaped gardens. At Cala Mia you will find an endless list of exciting activities and adventures.

Explore our packages today and come visit Panama.

Island Vacation Panama

Isla Palenque

Isla Palenque our neighbour is a island resort for curious travelers who seek an destination of nature and ancient history. The resort hosts 8 beach casitas and a villa.

Palenque Island Resort is a member of the Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels & Lodges. Their environmental awareness  and sustainability programs represents a new generation of hoteliers.

Isla Secas

Only 45 minutes from Boca Chica,  Isla Secas Resort  is a top end luxury appointed eco-resort. Located in a string of 16 virtually untouched Panama  islands. The resort offers five-star service and four private villas. The Panama Island resort is limited to only 18 people to preserve the islands’ eco-structures.

This little bit of heaven is perfect for anyone who wants to escape the rush, noise, and heat of the city.